It All Starts With Hope: Part 2 of 2

It All Starts With Hope: Continued

Believing in somethings is the first step to believing in yourself


By Derick Turner

Continued from Part 1

Hope leads to faith

When I began blogging I found myself using the word “Hope” a lot more in my every day conversation. I have a friend who teases me still about how much I say it.

For me, Hope is an ever present emotion that pushes me forward through any trial or doubt. Hope has become a central component of my life.

I’ve learned about Hope since I was a child. I knew the word appeared in scriptures, I knew it was a part of every heartwarming story I had heard. I knew that Hope was important, but I was curious about the significance of this word so I did some research.

An online search for “the relationship of Hope and Faith” reveals an excellent short article written by Shannon Kincaid, Ph.D. and Philip Pecorino, Ph.D., representing the 10th chapter of their work Philosophy of Religion for Queensborough Community College of The City University of New York.

In this article is a line that states “On these grounds, faith is an expression of a current state of affairs; it represents a belief that actually exists.  Yet hope is different.  It is directed towards the future.  Where faith expresses a fact about the present, hope is directed at a future state of affairs.”

This concept spoke to my heart.

I’ve known since my childhood that it was important to have faith. Faith precedes miracles, right? I have always tried to walk by faith, but now I was learning that while faith is important, it is based on the present. That means it was developed through our past and has evolved to the level of faith we now poses.

Hope is a little different though. Hope is based on the future. Hope is the precedent to Faith. To me, this clearly means that I have to have Hope first, and then I can develop Faith.

I realized that while I have been working off of the faith I had, developed from the confirming things I have experienced, I also needed to continue hoping for more. I needed to keep hoping for clarity, direction, and blessings.

A few weeks after starting to write for Huff Post, I still had not seen much response. I had a few comments, and there were a lot of likes, but I still had not seen significant traffic making its way to my own site. This was important to me… how many people are choosing to subscribe to receive more from me in the future.

I did start to gain a few more likes at my Facebook page, and I had a few more followers on my Twitter page, but it still felt like I was talking to myself. I was feeling frustrated, but I knew I had to continue.

Then one day I got an interesting message. One of the businesses that followed me on Twitter messaged me, stating that they were interested in sharing my writing with their audience. They also said they would be willing to pay me to write original content for them. This was the opportunity I had been praying for.

After a few conversations, I struck a deal with where each month I will be writing a few unique articles for them as a paid contributor. They specifically said they were seeking strong male voices to share with their community. They felt I have the right message and they wanted me to share it with the people, specifically the men, following their site.

“Only when it’s dark enough can you see the stars.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hope on Hope

Now I could finally consider myself a “professional” blogger and writer. I was being paid to do what I love.

Interestingly enough, it is once again in the realm of Divorce. I had been running from this world for so long, trying to put it in my past, and yet I continue to find myself drawn towards it.

I have been reaching out to my Higher Power, hoping for continued clarity and guidance as I work towards helping others. If the help I am meant to give is to those dealing with the messiness of Divorce, then I finally feel ready to do it.

This is the first of what I hope will be many opportunities to use the talents and passions I was blessed with, to help others trying to regain a sense of balance and direction in their life.

For those of you trying to decide if you should get a divorce, I don’t feel right offering advice other than have hope. You are allowed to seek the things you desire in your heart. If that means saving a failing marriage, I believe you can hope your way into enough faith and blessing to be able to do so. If you have been praying for a way out, especially if your marriage has experienced broken promises or abuse, I believe you can hope your way to clarity and strength.

For those who are in the middle of a divorce, hold on to hope that you will get through this. It will be hard, it will hurt, you will feel as though all your trust has been betrayed, but you can get through it. You are allowed to feel sad and hurt. You are allowed to fear the future. But don’t let your fear drown out all of your hope that you will one day feel normal again. You will.

For those who have been through a divorce, I believe you have probably started feeling some hope again. It may feel fleeting, it may feel teasing and torturous, but your hope will carry you to that bright day when you begin feeling a chance at love again.

Divorce is a challenging and trying thing that will certainly test all of your emotions, just don’t let your hope be the one that fails.

If hope is directed towards the future, you have enough reason to believe that future can hold goodness in it. Every day, choose hope.

I have managed to Hope my way through a divorce and now the start of what I believe will be a thriving and successful business. I hope to change people’s lives. I hope to influence others to make a difference in the loves of those they interact with. I hope to be an influence for good, whatever I do.

I will continue hoping, believing in my brighter future. Will you hope with me?